The scientific technique for measurements of beef tenderness is the Warner- Bratzler Shear Force instrument. The Warner-Bratzler instrument records bite pressure and has been foundational in correlating DNA marker technology and beef tenderness. There is a highly significant and favorable difference between Tenet™ and normal American beef. Beef tenderness has nothing to do with beef fat.

1. DNA is extracted from blood samples.
2. The cattle producer buys DNA cards and applies 3 or 4 drops of blood to the specialized blotter paper within the sample cards. The cards are mailed to Callipyge Genetics.
3. Multistep detailed lab work is completed and analyzed.
4. Cattle producers are notified if the sampled animals are Tenet™.
5. A visual analysis is produced, indicating the presence of identified traits
6. Callipyge Genetics evaluates results and produces tenderness certifications

Tenet™ has nothing to do with GMO and is not treated in any way.  We use the most modern DNA marker technology, much like several human companies screening for human ancestry.  Again, Tenet™is not treated and is not GMO. Tenet™ is naturally selected using DNA analysis.

Cattle producers can increase beef quality and tenderness by selectively breeding with Tenet™ certified sires.

Under normal conditions a cattle herd can increase quality with every breeding by using Tenet™ sires. Moving from normal American beef tenderness to Tenet™ tenderness can be accomplished in two generations of selection and breeding to Tenet™ certified sires. There are Tenet™ sires available in most AI sire catalogs. We are working to get Tenet™ sires registered and marked in future catalogs. We are working with artificial insemination companies to denote Tenet™ sires. Tenet™ sires are available for natural breeding. Tenet™ embryos are also available for faster quality improvement.

Tenet™ certified tenderness is not correlated to fat and marbling. Tenet™ carcasses will be USDA quality graded as select, choice or prime as every beef carcasses.  A USDA select graded Tenet™ animal will be significantly higher quality and higher tenderness than USDA prime graded non-Tenet™ beef. Tenet™ certifications are ideal for grass finished and lighter finished highest quality beef.

Yes. American Wagyu cattle are Japanese Wagyu cattle that are cross-bred with American Angus stock and are known for high levels of fat and marbling but have the same tenderness issues as normal American beef. Wagyu can be Tenet™ certified to increase quality and tenderness just as any other Bos Taurus breed of cattle.


Frank Hendrix, founder and CEO of Callipyge Genetics, began researching meat tenderness over thirty years ago. He discovered the Callipyge gene and how it is inherited in 1994. Animals with the Callipyge gene produced significantly more meat (30%), but several cuts of meat were tough. Hendrix passed his research on to scientists in human research fields. The consequence was a new field of genetic study named epigenetics and a Nobel prize for those scientists. While his research had a positive scientific outcome, the issue of meat tenderness was still unanswered. Hendrix hypothesized the answer lay at the genetic level. Over several decades of selective breeding for tenderness, he identified a series of DNA markers that accurately and effectively select for beef tenderness.

A dedicated, award-winning cattleman himself, Hendrix created Tenet™ to introduce scientific standards to accurately identify and select cattle for tenderness for the first time. He proved tenderness is an inherited trait. According to many USDA studies of beef consumers, the number one problem in the industry is tenderness. Excessive fat is wasteful and expensive to the entire cattle industry. Naturally selected beef tenderness through Tenet™ certification removes the top consumer concern and has a positive impact on both feedlot and grass-finished beef. Environmentally, less time is required in a feedlot, reducing the cost of finishing for marbling/fat, and confinement related health and wellness concerns. The benefit of tenderness to the grass-finished industry is a game changer.

Tenet™ certified cattle and beef represents the new quality paradigm and the highest level of beef quality in existence. Tenet™ is good for the consumer, good for the producer, good for the animal, and good for the environment.