Tenet™ Certification Test

  • If new or additional forms are needed, please download the PDF on our "Certify My Herd" page or email us at tenetbeef@gmail.com.
Price: 20.00

By ordering TENET™ Certification Cards and/or a TENET™ Certification Test, Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. Any test results provided will characterize the tenderness rating only for the specific animal tested, and will indicate whether the tested animal meets the qualification standard for TENET® brand products.
  2. The TENET® trademark may not be used by Purchaser in the production, labeling, advertising or sale of cattle, beef, embryos or semen unless specifically licensed in writing, in advance, by Callipyge Genetics, LLC.
  3. Use of the TENET® trademark is restricted to licensed users, and may be subject to the payment of additional fees.

For additional information regarding licensing, contact Callipyge Genetics, LLC at [callipygegenomics@gmail.com]. The TENET® trademark and related proprietary technology are the sole and exclusive property of Callipyge Genetics, LLC. All rights reserved.