It's Not the Cooks Fault!

Heather Hendrix

As the daughter of a cattle rancher and home economics teacher I heard it all growing up. Tender beef is possible if you can find a way to break down that fibrous muscle tissue…just beat it, soak it, marinate it, salt it, age it, add fat and on and on. We as consumers even have a tool called a meat tenderizer, a giant hammer to do such a task.

Heather in Home Economics Class

As a wife and mother of 3 active kids cooking is fun and needs to be fast. What my kids don’t need to see is their mom beating a steak to a pulp so they can chew it and not choke! It’s not my fault the beef is shoe leather tonight! Or is it? I promise I cooked it the same way that turned out edible last week. Don’t blame the cook or you might go hunger, I say!

The last thing any cook wants to serve is a subpar cut of beef that requires a newly sharpened knife to saw through. I don’t have time to guess which cut of meat will need two to three extra techniques to tenderize it. I also know I am a good cook and I want quality food to cook with every time. This seems like an impossible ask, a guaranteed tender beef product for every meal.

My life on the farm growing up was full of science and animal stewardship. There was always an answer out there to make a better consumer product, better beef. After decades of scientific research, blood, sweat and tears my freezer is full of Tenet beef. I am now the best beef cook in the world, ok maybe just my neighborhood!

I can guarantee a tender beef meal, any cut, any preparation to all of my family and friends. The discovery of tenderness identification in beef DNA markers has allowed me as a consumer to cook up and serve the worlds most naturally tender beef every time!